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CD Packaging
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  • Capax Stocks full Range of CD Cases. These includes; Standard Jewel cases for single discs with both clear and Black Trays, Slimline Jewel cases with both Black and Clear Trays, FAT jewel cases to fit 2-5 discs.
  • Slimline 5mm Jewel cases with Black Base
  • Slimline 5mm Jewel case with Clear Base
  • Standard jewel case casing only
  • Jewel case with black tray -  2 Discs
  • Jewel case with clear tray- 2 Discs
  • Jewel cases with black tray- 3 Discs
  • Jewel cases FAT- 4 discs ( no trays)
  • Jewel cases FAT- 5 discs ( no trays)
  • Black inlay trays for Jewel cases
  • Clear inlay trays for jewel cases

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