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Microtech XtreamJet Inkjet Printer
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  • Product Name:Microtech XtreamJet Inkjet Printer
  • The Xtreamjet Printer is industrys first industrial strength, high volume continuous inkjet printer with lowest per disc print cost @ under $0.05!The Xtreamjet Printer brings professional quality to in-house production of discs, enabling users to print outstanding    
  • Integrates with Microtech"s Auto printing and publishing system
  • Direct to surface colour inkjet printing
  • 5760 x 1400 Maximum dpi resolution
  • Fast Print Speed- 15 seconds in Draft Mode, 60 seconds for high quality Printing
  • Bulk Ink Option/ 6 colour cartridge- Providing the industry"s lowest print cost- an average of $0.03 per disc!
  • High Speed Printing- up to 80 full coloured discs/ hour fitted with the Express Autoloader
  • Comes complete with Discprint Software- designing and printing images and text directly onto media
  • produces Professional, photo quality inkjet printable discs with brilliant colours and sharpest text and graphics
  • Print across network
Print Speed: 15 seconds/disc in draft mode
60 Seconds/disc for high-quality
Maximum Resolution: 5670 x 1400 dpi
Compatibility: All Microtech Products
Print Technology: Inkjet
Print Resolution: 5760 x 1400 maximum DPI
Ink Options: Bulk Ink or 6-Cartridge
Microtech Xpress XE Auto Disc Printing System 200 Discs
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  • Microtech Xpress XE Auto Disc Printing System 200 Discs
  • Xpress XE System is designed for continuous automated CD and DVD Printing System. With 200 disc capacity and network capable, The Xpress XE Auto printer will become a valuable resource on your network, providing unattended disc printing 24/7. With Customised API as standard, the Microtech Xpress XE Auto printer gives detailed logs, real time feedback and email reporting so you will always know exactly what stage your job is at.
Microtech Xpress XP Auto Disc Printing System 600 Discs
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  • Microtech Xpress XP Auto Disc Printing System 600 Discs
  • The Xpress XP Auto printer/ Auto Loader is one of the most advanced in the industry built exclusively for automated Disc Printing. The Xpress XP Auto Printer/ Autoloader with 600 disc capacity can be fitted with High quality Inkjet, Single colour thermal or photo thermal printers from the Microtech Printer range. So you choose the finishing suitable for your market.