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Presto Semi Automatic Disc Printer
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  • Product Name:Presto Semi Automatic Disc Printer
  • The Presto semi Automatic Disc Printer by is by far one of the most economical and fastest disc printer in the market for medium volume production producing up to 500 printed discs a day. Fitted with continuous inking system , the print cost is less than $0.05 per    
  • Less than $0.05 per print in 100% full colour coverage
  • 30 disc capacity
  • 60 loadable disc trays supplied
  • simple operation similar to paper printing mechanism
  • 6 colour cartridge or CISS
  • Full Colour photo quality prints at 1400dpi in 45 sec /per disc
  • Low Start Up investment in comparison with US and European Printers.

Copyfast Standard DVD/ CD Duplicator
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  • Copyfast Standard DVD/ CD Duplicator
  • Introducing Copyfast Standard SATA CD / DVD Duplicators. Available in 7/ 11/ 15 Target Configuration. CopyFast Standard Duplicators are our entry level duplicators with the focus on being the value for money. Extremely reliable and built for heavy duty usage, Copyfast is your answer for all your CD/DVD Duplication needs. Copyfast CD/ DVD Duplicators will handle the toughest conditions and will provide the highest performance and quality time after time after time.