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Capax Technology is Australia"s leading supplier of disc duplication equipment and media print supplies.

Capax have been in the Duplication equipment Business for over 15 years and it is our pure passion for the latest duplication and disc printing equipment that drives us to seek and provide quality, innovative products to suite various market needs. From desktop environment right through to full production facility, we provide equipment, equipment servicing, disc and consumables supplies, and we have the expertise to provide fulfill all your duplication or disc publishing needs.

Our customers range from home based studios, most of professional duplication service providers in Australia, major TV and radio stations, universities, hospitals, studios, government offices, Australian Defense and many well known companies such as Sony, Toshiba. There is no customer that is too small for us, or too big. We provide the same amount of professional support to all customers. 

We are competitive, but unlike an online home based business, which simply list a products without aftercare facility. We provide full technical support and services. We tested every product that we offer. And offer free unbiased advises according to customers need. And we can also provide full integrated solutions if is needed. 

Since 2011, Capax has also became the leading partner for Epson in the distribution of PP100 Disc Publisher range. With our expertise and Epson"s excellent products we proudly helped a large amount of customer in resolving their disc printing issues. 

We invest on R & D in developing in our own products to meet our customers need and we also work closely with our manufacturers to reflect customers needs in order to improve their product design. Our technical staffs are fully trained so that both our re-sellers and specialised customer have a peace of mind when purchasing from Capax. It is with this proven history of innovation and quality of products supplied that has resulted in our growing base of satisfied and productive customers.